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Fahrenheit 451?

(TARP)  When the Secretary of the Treasury drew up his proposal to give himself 700 billion dollars of our money to spend on Wall St. it was 3 pages long.  When the House brought the bill to a vote days later it was 110 pages.  When the Senate voted and passed its Bailout Bill it had inflated to 451 pages.  The Bill had become the temperature to ignite the economic meltdown not to extinguish it.  Congress couldn’t put aside selfish greed for 3 days to simply do what they were hired for.  If an employee was stealing office supplies or embezzling company funds , which is no different from earmark spending, except it’s legal (only because Congress makes the laws) they would be fired and most likely prosecuted.  And that’s what congress members are: our employees.  We hired them to speak on our behalf, and they need to be held accountable for insubordination if nothing else.

The legislative process needs to change.  451 pages in 2 days!  I bet with everything going on, not a single congress member read through it, let alone had an hour to research anything in it.  I’m an avid reader, but 451 pages full of legal jargon would likely put me in a coma.  Bills pass all the time and earmarks aren’t even discovered until months later.  The process of bribery and buying votes needs to stop now.  No more happy meal toys for congress.  They shouldn’t be buying the cereal for the toy in the bottom of the box.  I’m tired of hearing that’s just how the process works.  I think a bill should be passed that limits the items in a bill to the ONE topic or concern in the reference line.  No more other items or miscellaneous allowed.  If the item has a purpose it should be in its own bill.  I’d like to limit the number of pages possible for a single piece of legislation.  A high school or even college graduate should be able to read it, understand it, and be able voice their opinion to their representative. 

(Written Oct. 9, 2008)

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