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The Fisherman Revolt

Everyone has heard the Chinese proverb – Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.  So it’s ironic seeing how China has diverted away from the conventional wisdom of its past, which preaches self-reliance, to its present state of communism.  The socialistic views of the far left are a giant leap in that direction.  The government wants to give away free fish.  But a meal only sustains for a few hours, the people will continue to go hungry unless they learn the importance of throwing their own line in the water.

The liberal perspective is to have hard-working dedicated fishermen give the government half of their catch, to let a third of that spoil, and redistribute what’s left to those they see worthy of a free meal.  Charity should be a priority of the church (all religions), non-profit organizations, and individuals.  That’s why the government sees fit to exempt these groups from taxes and lets the individual write-off contributions.

I’m not saying the government should drop Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, Unemployment, Disability, and Social Security altogether, but they become a major contribution to the problem when people expect and rely on them.  They should be a last resort not the first line of defense.  Handouts become a hindrance when they reward entitlement, dependence, and complacency.  Why do some people feel that the government owes them something for simply being privileged to live here?  What happened to giving more than you take?  Wouldn’t that philosophy change the world if it really caught on?  America was founded for independence, survived from self-reliance, and thrived on innovation.  Why are the principles and ideals that led the country for over 200 years now being rejected?

We survived the Great Depression, made huge strides against prejudice, and united as a country during times of war.  America is still the greatest country in the world, but we have strayed far away from the greatest generation.  The programs and government assistance needed for America to survive the worst of times (nothing like we spoiled ones are seeing today) aren’t what is needed to sustain America.  Where was the exit strategy on big government spending?  Time limits and education (of the past and for the future) are more necessary here than additional government bureaucracies.  We are currently being strangled by the safety nets.

The dedicated fishermen – Americans who work hard, support the economy and the government, in order to support themselves and leave a piece to future generations, are now being called mutineers. 

(Written Oct. 9, 2008)

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