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Use Your 10%

Using Your Ten Percent

Scientists have said that the average person uses only ten percent of their brain, and geniuses just eleven.  From my experience with everyday people, I believe that the average has dropped to about seven.

What happened to common sense?  It doesn’t mean the same thing anymore.  It’s like how the word bad can mean good, republican mean democrat, and democrat mean socialist.  What do we now call common sense when what we really mean isn’t common at all anymore?  Today’s literal common sense doesn’t get your order right at the drive-thru, doesn’t know how to give change for actual cash money, and carelessly rear ends you when told to pull forward to the next window.  Not to bash the fast food industry or its workers, I reluctantly eat there once or twice a week and am married to a past employee, but to cite it as an example.  I think the underlying problems there illustrate the bigger picture.  It shows the lack of pride in workmanship, the results of our failing public school system, and self-absorption instead of self-reliance.   They all contribute to the extinction of Thomas Paine’s meaning of the phrase.

I think technology is partly to blame as well.  Who needs to think at all when we have computers, cell phone apps, and the media feeding us our opinions?  Mental debate, deduction, and logic aren’t needed to graduate, get a job, or enter the voting booth.  We are told what to believe, instead of given the facts from both sides of an issue, and letting us put two and two together for ourselves.  Our minds become complacent and lethargic when they aren’t exercised on a regular basis; I know from experience.  I’m not saying delete the address book in your iPhone and try to memorize all the numbers, but make a conscious effort to keep training your mind.  Most people aren’t stupid, just mentally lazy.  Getting your mind of its mental couch and turning off the TV is a good start.  Then try thinking outside the box, build something, teach yourself something new, or work toward solving problems that can’t be fixed with a calculator.

So when someone tells you to use common sense what they really mean is –  go beyond the average thought and use your ten percent.

(Written Sept. 10, 2008)

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