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I Gave at My Accountant’s Office

Why are conservatives more compassionate?  America is the most generous nation, because its citizens are the most generous.  Even during the recession volunteerism is up.  Why? Because people understand when help is needed.  Americans will stand in the gap.  The government tries to play God.  It picks and chooses who gives and who benefits.  Entitlements are a drug, and the future generation will be born addicts.  It’s time to wean society off of the depressant and restore the health of our nation.  Charity should be called charity.  It should come from individuals and be a hand up not simply a hand-out.  Numerous families opened their homes to those affected by hurricane Katrina, millions donated to aid those in Haiti, and millions more donate funds and their time every day to help people in their own communities.  They do it because it is God’s work (whether they believe in Him, or not), not to quantify it for Uncle Sam on tax day.  “Give to God what is God’s, and give to Caesar what is Caesar’s.”  Charity is simply not Caesar’s job.  The government should be just; its citizens, merciful.  This concept is not foreign to conservatives, who would rather invite you to dinner at their house, than have the government buy your groceries.

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