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When Government Throws the Wrench

Ouch!  When government messes with the machine of capitalism it interferes with the natural laws of economics.  The markets will never run smoothly when the ground is shaking.  The instability caused by over-regulating the so-called free market system, is the number one road block to economic growth and job creation.  “Who wants to play the game, when the rules are still being written?”  Those in power when they can’t win, simply change the rules.  With federal bailouts, health care overhauls, possible cap-and-trade, and more financial oversight, the government is throwing the entire toolbox at the system.  A Supreme Court ruling that would limit federal power and restrain the use of the commerce clause would put a firm foundation back under businesses that hold this country together.  The government needs to look at the blueprints that allowed for highest production, get out of the way, and let America work.

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