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Government Conditions that Bred the Disease

Rising health care costs plague the economy and personal finances.  Government regulations and unions helped build the employer based system that leaves out small businesses and individuals.  Programs such as Medicare and Medicaid promote government dependency and allow for fraud and waste.  Federal laws prohibit interstate commerce of the health insurance industry which increases administrative costs, limits competition, and also limits care across state lines.  The procedure based system, rather than patient centered, is encouraged by the cost precedents set by Medicare reimbursement.  Federal and state legislators side with lawyers preventing laws against frivolous suits or amount caps on civil claims.  Malpractice insurance costs now tie the hands of doctors, limit the medical field, and further the use of defensive medicine.  Physicians can no longer be family doctors and financially survive in the health industry.  The recent health care reform legislation only targets a few symptoms and causes the problem to spread.   Higher insurance premiums, doctor shortages, more strings attached to American businesses, mandates, and a stronger dependency on government, are just some of the side-effects caused by these new laws.  These costs will infect even more of family budgets and the American economy.  Costs will continue to rise unless we find a cure.

What free market treatment is needed?  50 doses of medical tort reform:  states should protect the health of their health systems by passing state based legislation.  A simple out-of-state patient surgery: removing the blockage of commerce, allowing consumers more options to purchase health insurance.  A prescription for Health Savings Accounts: allow them to be filled by employers and individuals, to be used for the purchase of health insurance (not currently permitted), health care costs, and prescription medications.  This encourages personal responsibility, breaks out of the employer-based system, suppresses the over use of medicine, incentivizes younger and healthier individuals to purchase insurance, creates a personal safety net for medical expenses, and makes all Americans equal under the medical provisions of the tax code.  The problem has been diagnosed, let’s treat it, and be on our way to remission.

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