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The Tea Party Myth:

The original Boston Tea Party was the culmination of “No Tax without Representation.” The media and those uninvolved in the movement today place an assumed emphasis on the word “tax.”  The vast majority of the movement has no problem with paying taxes; they only want “representation.”  The colonists rallied against the tyranny of the English government.  They simply wanted a voice for their service to the crown.  The Tea Partiers of today feel that the current leaders of this country don’t hear their voices, share their values, or even value the opinions of those they represent.  They work for the people, not big business, special interests, or their own pocket books.  The movement began under President Bush with the passage of TARP, and yet it is slandered for being racist and anti-Obama.  Tea Partiers assemble on tax day to remind the government of whose money they are spending.  But they are patriots that also meet as often as the 4th of July, September 12th, December 16th, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, at city halls, state capitols, and local parks.  They have local barbeques, picnics, and book clubs.  They are sincere.  No membership applications or dues required – simply show up.  You are likely to see some people you know, make some new friends, and learn more about making your voice heard.  Those at rallies are educated, informed, and involved in their communities.  They are grandparents, veterans, mothers, small businessmen, blue-collar workers, and people you see at church on Sunday.  A typical Tea Party line-up:  the Pledge, Star Spangled Banner, and a prayer for our leaders and our military; they are urged to call their representatives, run for office, get educated about the political system and legislation, register to vote, and take part in the process that affects their lives and future generations.  The threads that hold the grassroots gatherings together are issue and policy based.  They are concerns about the national debt, rising deficits, unemployment, fading liberties, and growing government.  If liberty, freedom of speech, and equal representation, are un-American, then what has America become?

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