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Place Your Bets

Some play the lottery, others hit the casinos, but most bet on Wall Street.  Where does Wall Street like to gamble?  On politicians.  In today’s political culture filled with back room deals and bought favors, when corporations make campaign donations it is more of a bet than an endorsement or support for a candidate.  Most of Wall Street plays both sides hoping for a return on their investment.  A larger contribution simply indicates who they think will win, not particularly whose current policies would be in their best interest.  The goal is to leverage an “I’m on your side” mentality so that those firms will have a seat at the table when future legislation is written.  It is a wager that the winner will give them a voice, and money continues to talk.  The Democrats who in recent elections were favored to win and favored by corporate and union donations, now oppose the Supreme Court’s easing of those donation restrictions.  Why?  The left knows that the pendulum is swinging toward the right again and fears the floodgates when the money starts flowing.  The center-right grassroots current that is rippling across the country will be backed by a wave of funding to wash the majority out of the Capitol.  Betting will open soon for the November election.  Will the current majority be betting on the money in the air or the feet on the ground?  Should the people wager on Washington or Wall Street?

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