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National Debt is Un-American

It is depraved for a generation to deprive the next without leaving at least a clean slate. A generation should strive to leave the nation better than they received it. It is reprehensible that we are spending the taxes and revenue of the youth and even the unborn. Simply put, our National Debt is “Taxation without Representation”. Those under 18 and those not yet conceived do not have a vote or a voice. They will be enslaved with the responsibility of paying back the burden we are currently stacking up, or pass it down to their children. Every dime spent on the interest robs the country of better roads, schools, and personal savings, and leaves a poorer quality of life for the future. Some are willing to step up and defend their own rights, but few the rights of others. We are now at 12.9 trillion and counting. It is wrong to use our children’s future as collateral.

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