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A Distaste for Delay

More items on the President’s agenda are being removed from the heat to be warmed up later when they are more politically convenient.  The issues Americans want addressed are being delayed if the current mindset of the masses doesn’t match that of the administration.  Immigration reform is being put on the back burner now that the firestorm has started in the desert.  Strengthening the borders would score political points, but currently addressing the 12 million plus illegal immigrants that are already here would have considerable consequences.  The next item to be thrown on the grill is Cap and Trade, because it won’t withstand the fire of the next Congress.  The American people believe that there are more imminent threats than global warming.  Border security, terrorism, Iran, the National Debt, and the jobless rate, should be on today’s menu.  With more restrictions on salt, what’s on the President’s plate will be even harder to swallow.

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