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7,000 Words You Can’t Say

Everywhere you turn these days someone is crying “discrimination”.  There are no longer only 7 words you can’t say on television, radio, or in polite company.  The paranoia of racism, sexism, and politics has confiscated a large chunk of the English language.  One cannot use idioms or analogies that simply contain a color, food choice, or words that were ever associated with a stereotype.  The media, politicians, community leaders, and pundits are always suspicious, critical of intentions, and obsessed with reading more into things that what is really there.  They now put thoughts into another’s head and not just words into their mouth.  It isn’t possible to filter out every potential unintended implication.  If a cigar can be just a cigar, maybe fried chicken can just be fried chicken.  There is enough real discrimination and bias to address without having to make more up.  It offends me that people are so easily offended.

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