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Ignoring Allies to Influence Adversaries

The most recent plan of action: do nothing.  The policies built stupendously on appeasement have made little to no progress raising America’s reputation in the world.  A bow to world leaders, ignoring the misdeeds of Russia, China, and much of Europe, and attempting to befriend much of the Middle East, only shows the company we are now willing to be seen with.  The administration no longer has friends of necessity, but a long list of friends of mere convenience.  And it’s not working out so well.  We ask the question: who do we want on our side at the present moment?  “When you try to please everyone, you please no one.”  The friends we have embraced for decades are being led out the side door, while enemies are greeted on the front steps.  We are turning our backs to Israel, Britain, and other strong supporters.  Society is shifting as well, what will happen if we continue to appease the secular and alienate God?

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