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Social Drinking

Could liberal leaders pass third grade physical science?  Cause and effect seems to be a concept far too complex for re-distribution theorists.  What precedent is being set?  With the bailouts and entitlement concoctions the problem worsens.  Liberal idealists have the false perception that there are no negative effects, like someone who gets smashed on Friday night not believing in Saturday morning.

“History teaches us that man learns nothing from history.” — Hegel

But now has the present taught us that man cannot learn from the present?  The policies of social democracy and government dependence have failed.  Europe continues to down shots while Greece is puking on its shoes, and now America is asking, “Can you pass one over here?”  How ridiculous is it to get wasted during this obvious afterschool special?  The nausea is being subdued by yet another round of drinks, but the hangover is inevitable, unless we die from arrogance poisoning first.

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