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In the Name of Protest

Violence, vandalism, and verbal assaults are just a few of the indiscretions forgiven to protect the First Amendment.  But what rights do law-abiding citizens have under that same Constitution?  Do you have the right to infringe on another’s rights?  Does freedom of speech imply freedom of means?  Is method protected by protestors’ rights?  It was ruled in Oregon that riding bicycles naked was allowed because it was done as a protest.  The laws of indecent exposure were suspended due to freedom of speech.  The bare cyclists were not protesting clothing, they were against SUVs.  Are all laws subject to freedom?  Aren’t all crimes merely forms of expression, one person saying that their rights take priority over another’s?  What law could stand if personal liberties always took precedence?  

         Freedom is the right to be wrong… not do wrong. – John G. Diefenbaker

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