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The Power of Stuff

Having an economy based on consumption, funded by debt, and promoted by entitlements has turned this industrialized nation into one without industry.  The trade deficit is a manufacturing deficit, a debt of production.  America no longer makes anything, an exaggeration, of course, but one of proportional truth.  Public sector jobs now surpass production.  Service jobs exponentially out number manufacturing.  (Remember: every public sector job is a service job.)   While some services are a necessity, the spoiled “serve me” attitude will cause our success to lead to our failure.  We have taken the tangible for granted, placed value on the unnecessary, and forgotten how blessed we are as a nation.  The foundation of our economy has been chipped away by labor unions, shaken by government meddling, and demonized by an ungrateful workforce.  A quick lesson for those who demand that corporations, manufacturers, and small businesses act in good faith:  If you want a friend, be one — or jobs may become our only export.


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They Bit the Hand

I was in junior high when we had pet rabbits.  Seemingly timid creatures when subject to the cruel food chain or kept locked up confined in cages.  One particular rabbit had full reign of the side yard next to the house.  The long corridor was about 6 feet wide and about 50 feet deep.  The large white, momma rabbit guarded her territory with aggression.  When unrestricted the bunny, that once played in the house and was easy to take care of, became arrogant and vengeful.  The man from the gas company who came to read the meter left with teeth marks in his thick rubber boots; the words “Beware of Rabbit” scribbled on his clipboard page.  The unions that once protected laborers, miners, and other tradesmen in this country have been allowed to run uninhibited and have grown arrogant and ravenous.  They blackmail and hold businesses, entire industries, and government sectors hostage.  Companies, commerce, and schools have been damaged to the breaking point due to financial injury and intimidation.  Don’t look to union leadership to sustain the companies that put food on the workers’ tables.

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