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A Difference Between Capitalism and Capitol-ism

If the market is in recovery, it is in spite of the stimulus, manipulation, and over-regulation by the government and not because of it.  It only shows the resolve of the American people and corporations, our ability to adapt, our survival instinct, and our innate pursuit of happiness.  We will keep going, keep striving for true progress, and keep disputing the oppressive power of the government over enterprise. We need a rightful separation of commerce and state.  Oversight is now overstepping.  It has gone from market protection to market manipulation, and continues on to market control.  The excessive regulation power has become corrupt.  Almost 3.5 billion dollars were spent on federal lobbying last year, proof that influence may be bought, and that amount keeps climbing.  Legislators need to be reminded of who they work for.  Campaigns may be financed, but our votes cannot be bought.  The American people are not on the take.


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Insider Legislating

Washington insiders create the plumbing framework behind the scenes and then use legislation to turn on the water.  To adjust the faucet they pass laws, use regulation, and award government contracts.   They manipulate the tax code and federal spending, put provisions on health care, and now we have the epitome of government serving self-interest in the cap-and-trade legislation.  Those in power are financially investing in the agenda, influencing the outcome, and will soon be collecting the money that comes flowing in if it passes.  While the rest of the country is facing a drought, the government is threatening to crimp the hose.  Washington wanting to regulate Wall St. is simply the accusation of a guilty conscience, or maybe corruption just doesn’t like competition.

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Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse

Especially when you have a law degree.  The ratio of lawyers in Washington, DC is probably higher than anywhere in the world and even higher when Congress is in session.  One of the prerequisites for political office has become passing a bar exam.  Yet after being elected to office, politicians have no recollection of tax law, ethics, or professional responsibility. 

I haven’t read it, I haven’t been briefed on that issue, or I just found out about it this morning.

We don’t want an official statement that has been combed through and manipulated by defense attorneys.  We want the truth, simply put, and in plain English.  Legal speak only comments on the surface of the water, we deserve to know what is lurking underneath.  No more excuses.  Transparency, honesty, and respect!  Accountability begins November 2, 2010!

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Poison Apple Pie

Almost all of the federal legislation that has been passed in the past year has been served to a public that has been falsely told they are starving.  Skipping a meal or two or a few legislative sessions won’t cause us to waste away.  Waiting to do what is right is better than doing what is right now.  The current agenda is full of bad apples.  The tainted items continue to be baked into every law that is brought to the table.  Republicans know that the dish will be toxic yet some are still adding their own ingredients into the mix.  I’m not saying that they should get out of the kitchen, but it would be nice if they would quit stirring the pot.  The American people will be restocking the pantry come November.

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Place Your Bets

Some play the lottery, others hit the casinos, but most bet on Wall Street.  Where does Wall Street like to gamble?  On politicians.  In today’s political culture filled with back room deals and bought favors, when corporations make campaign donations it is more of a bet than an endorsement or support for a candidate.  Most of Wall Street plays both sides hoping for a return on their investment.  A larger contribution simply indicates who they think will win, not particularly whose current policies would be in their best interest.  The goal is to leverage an “I’m on your side” mentality so that those firms will have a seat at the table when future legislation is written.  It is a wager that the winner will give them a voice, and money continues to talk.  The Democrats who in recent elections were favored to win and favored by corporate and union donations, now oppose the Supreme Court’s easing of those donation restrictions.  Why?  The left knows that the pendulum is swinging toward the right again and fears the floodgates when the money starts flowing.  The center-right grassroots current that is rippling across the country will be backed by a wave of funding to wash the majority out of the Capitol.  Betting will open soon for the November election.  Will the current majority be betting on the money in the air or the feet on the ground?  Should the people wager on Washington or Wall Street?

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Leadership is Being Outsourced

The current era of the career politician has led to corruption and massive government spending.  People have become complacent, content to let others make decisions for them.  We are too comfortable, caught up in our own lives, to take the lead when it is necessary.  It is now necessary.  The taboo of political and religious conversation must be overcome.  It affects us much more than the weather.  We must re-examine our own opinions, party affiliations, and representation, and mark our ballots accordingly.  The government, “by the people”, has been shipped off to Wall Street, lobbyists, and political greed.  Groups like the Tea Parties and the 9-12 Project are just trying to bring those jobs home.

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