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Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs

The earmark culture in Washington brings out the kid in all of us, strapped into the shopping cart with all of the sugary cereals placed just within reach.  What we want taking priority over what we need.  We wait like children at the door asking, “What did you bring me?” $18.5 billion a year is spent on congressional pet projects to appease the voters.  With tantrums ensuing if our district isn’t getting what we feel is deserved.   We need to dismiss the cartoon endorsed packages for ones with true character and real substance.  It’s time to grow up and start buying cereal for its nutritional value, rather than the prize at the bottom of the box.


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Are Stop Signs Merely Suggestions?

Were laws meant to be broken? What laws are okay to break?  Is it okay to go over the speed limit, cheat on taxes, use recreational drugs, download copyrighted media, or remain in the country illegally?  Is the law written in ink or sand?  What happens to a nation built on the rule of law when the law is not respected, even by those entrusted to uphold it?  Are we still a country of laws and not men, if men decide what laws to enforce?  Equal justice under the law does not discriminate.  Sympathy, political agendas, and subjective enforcement are unconstitutional.  It is not the right of executive or judicial powers to discriminate against legislation rightfully passed.  The separation of powers and the Constitution are for the protection of the people and the states.  Legislative representation acts as the voice of the people, and the people have spoken.

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Ignoring Allies to Influence Adversaries

The most recent plan of action: do nothing.  The policies built stupendously on appeasement have made little to no progress raising America’s reputation in the world.  A bow to world leaders, ignoring the misdeeds of Russia, China, and much of Europe, and attempting to befriend much of the Middle East, only shows the company we are now willing to be seen with.  The administration no longer has friends of necessity, but a long list of friends of mere convenience.  And it’s not working out so well.  We ask the question: who do we want on our side at the present moment?  “When you try to please everyone, you please no one.”  The friends we have embraced for decades are being led out the side door, while enemies are greeted on the front steps.  We are turning our backs to Israel, Britain, and other strong supporters.  Society is shifting as well, what will happen if we continue to appease the secular and alienate God?

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7,000 Words You Can’t Say

Everywhere you turn these days someone is crying “discrimination”.  There are no longer only 7 words you can’t say on television, radio, or in polite company.  The paranoia of racism, sexism, and politics has confiscated a large chunk of the English language.  One cannot use idioms or analogies that simply contain a color, food choice, or words that were ever associated with a stereotype.  The media, politicians, community leaders, and pundits are always suspicious, critical of intentions, and obsessed with reading more into things that what is really there.  They now put thoughts into another’s head and not just words into their mouth.  It isn’t possible to filter out every potential unintended implication.  If a cigar can be just a cigar, maybe fried chicken can just be fried chicken.  There is enough real discrimination and bias to address without having to make more up.  It offends me that people are so easily offended.

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Uncle Sam now Sugar Daddy

The role government plays in our lives is becoming more parental.  The paternal nature that now governs us has taken on the responsibilities of protector and provider.  The current administration treats the masses like children that they can scold or discipline, saying, “This is for your own good”.   The entitlement programs that continue to expand have now spoiled the work ethic, self-reliance, and personal responsibility in this country.  So much of our potential is now like a 30-year-old still living on his parent’s sofa.  Government puts food on tables, roofs over heads, and takes care of you when you get older.  Depending on society for survival has led to the breakdown of the family.  The role of father belongs in our homes, not in Washington.

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Re-distribution Causes Regression

We are a middle class, middle-income family who works hard and volunteers often.  We are fortunate to be a one income family and spend generous time with our children.  In today’s economy we must consider what steps we would take if something were to happen, if the blue-collar job that supports us were no longer there.  It was disheartening to discover that the life we work so hard to provide would still exist.  Nothing would really change if our income were cut in half.  Our quality of life would remain even if our work ethic diminished, if we simply didn’t care about who was contributing to our well-being, if we let the state take of us.  We would be receiving tax credits instead of paying into the system.  Our medical expenses would be handled for us, instead of the $150 a month required for our employer based plan, along with the $400 a month we contribute to our personal Health Savings Account.  We would qualify for subsidized housing and not have a mortgage payment due every month, food stamps putting dinner on the table, and low-income priced services to reduce our utility bills.  Later in our lives, the government would pay for our children to go to college, senior assistance programs, and if we relied on Social Security we could stop paying into that 401k and afford to buy that 60” flat screen.  What incentives are left?  Self-respect, self-esteem, and personal pride remain, but they are fading fast in our entitlement society.  No wonder the middle class is diminishing.  Quality of life depends more on how you think, than what you make.

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Village Idiots

I miss the good old days.  It seems odd saying that when I haven’t even hit 30 yet, but I remember a time much different from today.  

I walked alone the 2 miles home from school in high school.  I rode my bike or rollerbladed all over town.  Even the few R rated movies I wasn’t old enough to attend but did anyway weren’t as bad as most of the PG13 ones now.  The worst shows on TV according to my parents were Married with Children, The Simpsons and videos on MTV (and we had cable).  Now even the prime time shows on national networks are full of foul language and show more skin than the paid movie channels used to.  It was safe to watch whatever was on TV while getting ready for school in the morning or tune the radio to any station while doing our homework.  Now we have to police the TV, radio, and the internet.  Teachers with tenure used to be the worst influence then.   I don’t want to know what is being said and taught in our classrooms today. 

The media and entertainment industries play to the worst of mankind.  They continue to promote biased trash as newsworthy.  Every outlet possible is cluttered with lust, drugs, hate, greed, and prejudice.  When did someone’s right to free speech become more important than another’s right not have profanities shouted at them?  Someone’s right to an abortion more important than another’s right not to finance it?  Someone’s right to smoke, over someone’s right not too?  Shouldn’t the right to swing your fist stop at someone else’s face? 

Today it’s hard to walk that fine line between guarding your children and being isolationists where they are extremely sheltered.  I’m not for homeschooling or living like the Amish, but today’s culture has become predatory.  If they want to keep religion out of schools and the rest of the public sector then they need to keep the counter-culture out too!

If It Takes a Village, I’m moving. 

(Written Oct. 9, 2008)

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