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A War of Words

Whether spirited debate or healthy competition, passion emerges from the persistence of ideals.  It is crucial to remember that we have the option of raising our voices instead of raising our fists.  A constant battle of the minds was built into the framework of this country.  A continuous pursuit for truth, innovation, and equality has led iron to sharpen iron as ideas are debated.  In the heat of battle sometimes sparks fly.  The result has created this modern projected masterpiece, this city on a hill.  Discord can lead to discovery.  Metaphors that acknowledge the darkness of history, battles in our past, or life in the Wild West, serve a vital role in today’s rhetoric.  The internal struggle to define who we are will continue.  The fight for a better tomorrow will rage on.  We are in need of the constant reminders that the war can be waged with words.


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Wardrobe Malfunction

The content of my closet has altered over the years.  I have donated, sold, or tossed out items, that no longer fit my shape, size, taste, or lifestyle, and others have been purchased or handed down.  I am not the same person I was five, ten, or twenty years ago.  I have grown, changed roles, became a parent, and changed climates, but the reasons for what items hang in my closet have stayed constant.  I want to be comfortable, appropriate, confident, and not spend a fortune doing it.  My political viewpoint has shifted a lot like my wardrobe.  The more I learn, understand, and experience, the more I am forced to re-think my own position on issues.  The political realm also changes, the parties evolve, issues are re-prioritized, platforms shift.  It is imperative that we re-evaluate every now and then.  Doubt, debate, and deliberation clean out our mental closets.  It’s okay to admit you’ve grown, learned something, or started a new chapter in your life.  It may sound sacrilegious to most women, but to me political debate is like shopping.  I’m looking for what fits my beliefs, convictions, and intellect.  Most people probably spend more time contemplating what to wear than how to vote.  – So here is my political fashion advice: 

– The party line and straight tickets are never in style.  A one size fits all approach doesn’t work for clothes or ballots.

– Ask yourself, would you wear something just because it was in your parent’s or grandparent’s closet?

– Don’t invest a lot in trends, bank on your principles and convictions.

– Window shop, do a little research, know what you’re getting before you vote.  It is just as ridiculous and distasteful to show up at the polls naked as to cast an uninformed ballot.

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