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Don Your Day Pack

Formal instruction warps the senses, such as an image refracted in water.  But much may be gleaned from another’s perspective.  There is a difference between being taught and learning, group think and being able to think for one’s self.  Learning must be viewed through the clarity of personal responsibility.  Good students are shaped in homes, not classrooms.  They understand earning their education, without the expectation of entitlement.  To respect the value of anything, one must be willing to work for it.  Students must grasp the importance of truth and have a personal quest for it.   The mind is independent; knowledge is a solo hike.


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Social Drinking

Could liberal leaders pass third grade physical science?  Cause and effect seems to be a concept far too complex for re-distribution theorists.  What precedent is being set?  With the bailouts and entitlement concoctions the problem worsens.  Liberal idealists have the false perception that there are no negative effects, like someone who gets smashed on Friday night not believing in Saturday morning.

“History teaches us that man learns nothing from history.” — Hegel

But now has the present taught us that man cannot learn from the present?  The policies of social democracy and government dependence have failed.  Europe continues to down shots while Greece is puking on its shoes, and now America is asking, “Can you pass one over here?”  How ridiculous is it to get wasted during this obvious afterschool special?  The nausea is being subdued by yet another round of drinks, but the hangover is inevitable, unless we die from arrogance poisoning first.

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Uncle Sam now Sugar Daddy

The role government plays in our lives is becoming more parental.  The paternal nature that now governs us has taken on the responsibilities of protector and provider.  The current administration treats the masses like children that they can scold or discipline, saying, “This is for your own good”.   The entitlement programs that continue to expand have now spoiled the work ethic, self-reliance, and personal responsibility in this country.  So much of our potential is now like a 30-year-old still living on his parent’s sofa.  Government puts food on tables, roofs over heads, and takes care of you when you get older.  Depending on society for survival has led to the breakdown of the family.  The role of father belongs in our homes, not in Washington.

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Re-distribution Causes Regression

We are a middle class, middle-income family who works hard and volunteers often.  We are fortunate to be a one income family and spend generous time with our children.  In today’s economy we must consider what steps we would take if something were to happen, if the blue-collar job that supports us were no longer there.  It was disheartening to discover that the life we work so hard to provide would still exist.  Nothing would really change if our income were cut in half.  Our quality of life would remain even if our work ethic diminished, if we simply didn’t care about who was contributing to our well-being, if we let the state take of us.  We would be receiving tax credits instead of paying into the system.  Our medical expenses would be handled for us, instead of the $150 a month required for our employer based plan, along with the $400 a month we contribute to our personal Health Savings Account.  We would qualify for subsidized housing and not have a mortgage payment due every month, food stamps putting dinner on the table, and low-income priced services to reduce our utility bills.  Later in our lives, the government would pay for our children to go to college, senior assistance programs, and if we relied on Social Security we could stop paying into that 401k and afford to buy that 60” flat screen.  What incentives are left?  Self-respect, self-esteem, and personal pride remain, but they are fading fast in our entitlement society.  No wonder the middle class is diminishing.  Quality of life depends more on how you think, than what you make.

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I Gave at My Accountant’s Office

Why are conservatives more compassionate?  America is the most generous nation, because its citizens are the most generous.  Even during the recession volunteerism is up.  Why? Because people understand when help is needed.  Americans will stand in the gap.  The government tries to play God.  It picks and chooses who gives and who benefits.  Entitlements are a drug, and the future generation will be born addicts.  It’s time to wean society off of the depressant and restore the health of our nation.  Charity should be called charity.  It should come from individuals and be a hand up not simply a hand-out.  Numerous families opened their homes to those affected by hurricane Katrina, millions donated to aid those in Haiti, and millions more donate funds and their time every day to help people in their own communities.  They do it because it is God’s work (whether they believe in Him, or not), not to quantify it for Uncle Sam on tax day.  “Give to God what is God’s, and give to Caesar what is Caesar’s.”  Charity is simply not Caesar’s job.  The government should be just; its citizens, merciful.  This concept is not foreign to conservatives, who would rather invite you to dinner at their house, than have the government buy your groceries.

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