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The 70,000 Page Curtain

The enormous shroud of the U.S. tax code hides an agenda and upholds congressional abuse of power.  The tax law resembles a fat man wearing a beach tourist shirt printed with the image of a tan, thin, figure in a swimsuit.  We put up with the charade because we all know what’s really underneath and no one wants to see that.  The real need is for a diet, but Congress doesn’t have the will power.  It does have the power to throw its weight around hoping you will simply look the other way.  Tax provisions use write-offs and credits as financial carrots on strings, dangling dollars in front of businesses and tax-payers, hoping they can be bought, bribed, or swayed into following their agenda.  When Americans look up and see where we are being led, we are prodded from behind to keep moving.  Penalties, fines, and harsher regulations, are used to keep us in line.  The current destination: social justice, the green agenda, and increased federal power.  The Flat Tax or Fair Tax options won’t be considered without a dramatic increase in accountability.  The current system’s complexity conceals the man behind the curtain.  Look up and see who is pulling the strings.


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