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A War of Words

Whether spirited debate or healthy competition, passion emerges from the persistence of ideals.  It is crucial to remember that we have the option of raising our voices instead of raising our fists.  A constant battle of the minds was built into the framework of this country.  A continuous pursuit for truth, innovation, and equality has led iron to sharpen iron as ideas are debated.  In the heat of battle sometimes sparks fly.  The result has created this modern projected masterpiece, this city on a hill.  Discord can lead to discovery.  Metaphors that acknowledge the darkness of history, battles in our past, or life in the Wild West, serve a vital role in today’s rhetoric.  The internal struggle to define who we are will continue.  The fight for a better tomorrow will rage on.  We are in need of the constant reminders that the war can be waged with words.


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Putting the Puzzle Together

When looking at the complete picture of current news stories, the climate change crisis is the piece that just doesn’t fit.  All of the other news items are acute problems.  Addressing climate change at this point with the global fervor it now has behind it is like treating a patient for baldness when he comes in because of a heart attack.  It just doesn’t make sense how our main global concern can be for a planet 1,000 years into the future, when we are currently acting like there is no tomorrow.  With nuclear expansion, terrorism, world wars, genocide, modern-day slavery, and the world economy crashing, why are we currently so panicked about the sea levels rising a few feet over a few millennia?   If we don’t take care of the immediate threats, there won’t be a planet to save centuries or even decades from now.  If we don’t take steps to save man, what good does it serve to save the planet?  What piece really fits?  The end game of those who cry global warming is simply for short-term gain — money, control, and influence.  It is not about the planet, it is about power.

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7,000 Words You Can’t Say

Everywhere you turn these days someone is crying “discrimination”.  There are no longer only 7 words you can’t say on television, radio, or in polite company.  The paranoia of racism, sexism, and politics has confiscated a large chunk of the English language.  One cannot use idioms or analogies that simply contain a color, food choice, or words that were ever associated with a stereotype.  The media, politicians, community leaders, and pundits are always suspicious, critical of intentions, and obsessed with reading more into things that what is really there.  They now put thoughts into another’s head and not just words into their mouth.  It isn’t possible to filter out every potential unintended implication.  If a cigar can be just a cigar, maybe fried chicken can just be fried chicken.  There is enough real discrimination and bias to address without having to make more up.  It offends me that people are so easily offended.

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Village Idiots

I miss the good old days.  It seems odd saying that when I haven’t even hit 30 yet, but I remember a time much different from today.  

I walked alone the 2 miles home from school in high school.  I rode my bike or rollerbladed all over town.  Even the few R rated movies I wasn’t old enough to attend but did anyway weren’t as bad as most of the PG13 ones now.  The worst shows on TV according to my parents were Married with Children, The Simpsons and videos on MTV (and we had cable).  Now even the prime time shows on national networks are full of foul language and show more skin than the paid movie channels used to.  It was safe to watch whatever was on TV while getting ready for school in the morning or tune the radio to any station while doing our homework.  Now we have to police the TV, radio, and the internet.  Teachers with tenure used to be the worst influence then.   I don’t want to know what is being said and taught in our classrooms today. 

The media and entertainment industries play to the worst of mankind.  They continue to promote biased trash as newsworthy.  Every outlet possible is cluttered with lust, drugs, hate, greed, and prejudice.  When did someone’s right to free speech become more important than another’s right not have profanities shouted at them?  Someone’s right to an abortion more important than another’s right not to finance it?  Someone’s right to smoke, over someone’s right not too?  Shouldn’t the right to swing your fist stop at someone else’s face? 

Today it’s hard to walk that fine line between guarding your children and being isolationists where they are extremely sheltered.  I’m not for homeschooling or living like the Amish, but today’s culture has become predatory.  If they want to keep religion out of schools and the rest of the public sector then they need to keep the counter-culture out too!

If It Takes a Village, I’m moving. 

(Written Oct. 9, 2008)

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