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Federal Steroids Stunting Job Growth

The results of temporarily strengthening the economy with artificial gains have long-term negative effects.  The unhealthy economic atmosphere created by over-regulation caps the benefits of hiring.  Health insurance, worker’s comp., stricter requirements for larger businesses, and the unknown impacts of proposed legislation all limit expansion and deter entrepreneurship.  Innovation, improvements, and new industry are caged in red tape and government assistance programs.  It requires so many private sector jobs to support a single government salary, especially when government workers make about 40% more for doing that same job.  The government should not be in the investment business.  We need good stewards, not better brokers with our tax dollars.  It’s time to get off the juice.


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A Difference Between Capitalism and Capitol-ism

If the market is in recovery, it is in spite of the stimulus, manipulation, and over-regulation by the government and not because of it.  It only shows the resolve of the American people and corporations, our ability to adapt, our survival instinct, and our innate pursuit of happiness.  We will keep going, keep striving for true progress, and keep disputing the oppressive power of the government over enterprise. We need a rightful separation of commerce and state.  Oversight is now overstepping.  It has gone from market protection to market manipulation, and continues on to market control.  The excessive regulation power has become corrupt.  Almost 3.5 billion dollars were spent on federal lobbying last year, proof that influence may be bought, and that amount keeps climbing.  Legislators need to be reminded of who they work for.  Campaigns may be financed, but our votes cannot be bought.  The American people are not on the take.

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Oxymorons on the Left

If the product isn’t selling, change the label.  The rhetoric of the left is intentionally misleading.  The names leftist groups use to label themselves or laws are deliberately deceiving, the guile disguised in a pretty package.  Take a piece of liberal legislation, select one of the three thousand pages, water it down, sugar coat it, leave it half-baked at 180 degrees and you’ll have the title of the bill they are trying to sell to the American people and the congressmen who will never read it.  One current example is the Cap and Trade bill, inaptly named The American Power Act.  This un-American bill will restrict power, benefit other countries, and only empower regulators.   If only we could get the FDA to put requirements on the labels for what Washington is trying to shove down our throats.

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Will it Continue to Burn?

Federal housing regulations poured out the gasoline and made the financial markets flammable.  96% of home mortgages are now backed by the federal government.  With extremely low-interest rates and government refinance programs, risky paper is being pulled out the markets and moved to Uncle Sam’s back pocket.  His pants are now on fire and he is accusing Wall Street of arson; his new wardrobe to be purchased by the tax payers.  The proposed reforms contain no oversight of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac who continue to play with matches.  The current bill punishes those that didn’t start the fire.  When mixing government and the markets, the compound is combustible.  A new bureaucracy does little to protect investors or tax payers.  Just look at the failed oversight by the SEC.  The laws are already on the books, and bureaucrats, to be polite, had “other priorities”.  The American people were failed by a government agency that didn’t do its job; another tax payer funded entity is the last thing needed.  Burn me once, shame on you…

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