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Unions: The Dreaded Group Project

The most miserable of classroom assignments:  there are always those who do the majority of the work, those who sleep on the job, those frustrated because their opinion doesn’t matter, and everyone shares in the graded outcome.  Unions have stifled economic growth, suppressed innovation, and weakened the workforce.  The workers only have the rights that labor legislation and the union permit.  A person’s rights are surrendered to the union, and an individual has no right to choose representation, ask for a raise, or negotiate on their own behalf.  Wages and benefits are decided by union contracts based on the collective; there is no meritocracy.  Collective rights leave no liberty to the individual, no freedom to succeed, and no motivation to move beyond the mediocre.  Those who don’t join the union are still dominated by it.  Exclusive representation, fixed wages, and dues are still required.  Their only difference:  no union vote.  The real “free-riders” are those who benefit from the talent and work ethic of others.  Employees should sink or swim based on their own merits, rather than forcing everyone into the same boat.  The government, courts, and unions, all try to answer the question, “What is fair?”  Isn’t the individual worker the best person to decide what is in their best interest?  This current system is pass/fail.  We need the opportunity to surpass the set standards and achieve excellence.


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In the Name of Protest

Violence, vandalism, and verbal assaults are just a few of the indiscretions forgiven to protect the First Amendment.  But what rights do law-abiding citizens have under that same Constitution?  Do you have the right to infringe on another’s rights?  Does freedom of speech imply freedom of means?  Is method protected by protestors’ rights?  It was ruled in Oregon that riding bicycles naked was allowed because it was done as a protest.  The laws of indecent exposure were suspended due to freedom of speech.  The bare cyclists were not protesting clothing, they were against SUVs.  Are all laws subject to freedom?  Aren’t all crimes merely forms of expression, one person saying that their rights take priority over another’s?  What law could stand if personal liberties always took precedence?  

         Freedom is the right to be wrong… not do wrong. – John G. Diefenbaker

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National Debt is Un-American

It is depraved for a generation to deprive the next without leaving at least a clean slate. A generation should strive to leave the nation better than they received it. It is reprehensible that we are spending the taxes and revenue of the youth and even the unborn. Simply put, our National Debt is “Taxation without Representation”. Those under 18 and those not yet conceived do not have a vote or a voice. They will be enslaved with the responsibility of paying back the burden we are currently stacking up, or pass it down to their children. Every dime spent on the interest robs the country of better roads, schools, and personal savings, and leaves a poorer quality of life for the future. Some are willing to step up and defend their own rights, but few the rights of others. We are now at 12.9 trillion and counting. It is wrong to use our children’s future as collateral.

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Liberty Being Devoured

Any possible good intentions of socialism soon transform.  It is about power; government grows naturally if not kept at bay.  Before long the werewolf emerges.  Private sector entities are now being plucked from the herd at an alarming rate:  banks, car companies, the health care industry, and others.  If they aren’t down yet, they are bleeding out.  The free-market is slowly being devoured.  Free speech and other constitutional rights are being nibbled away at.  Many who realize what is happening are trying to shepherd us out of this mess only to be attacked.  There are so many still blindly following like sheep.  The current administration refuses to see, or is leading us down the path to destruction.  Many ask why they don’t see the demise of that destination.  It is because a wolf in sheep’s clothing deceives himself by pulling the wool over his own eyes.

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Village Idiots

I miss the good old days.  It seems odd saying that when I haven’t even hit 30 yet, but I remember a time much different from today.  

I walked alone the 2 miles home from school in high school.  I rode my bike or rollerbladed all over town.  Even the few R rated movies I wasn’t old enough to attend but did anyway weren’t as bad as most of the PG13 ones now.  The worst shows on TV according to my parents were Married with Children, The Simpsons and videos on MTV (and we had cable).  Now even the prime time shows on national networks are full of foul language and show more skin than the paid movie channels used to.  It was safe to watch whatever was on TV while getting ready for school in the morning or tune the radio to any station while doing our homework.  Now we have to police the TV, radio, and the internet.  Teachers with tenure used to be the worst influence then.   I don’t want to know what is being said and taught in our classrooms today. 

The media and entertainment industries play to the worst of mankind.  They continue to promote biased trash as newsworthy.  Every outlet possible is cluttered with lust, drugs, hate, greed, and prejudice.  When did someone’s right to free speech become more important than another’s right not have profanities shouted at them?  Someone’s right to an abortion more important than another’s right not to finance it?  Someone’s right to smoke, over someone’s right not too?  Shouldn’t the right to swing your fist stop at someone else’s face? 

Today it’s hard to walk that fine line between guarding your children and being isolationists where they are extremely sheltered.  I’m not for homeschooling or living like the Amish, but today’s culture has become predatory.  If they want to keep religion out of schools and the rest of the public sector then they need to keep the counter-culture out too!

If It Takes a Village, I’m moving. 

(Written Oct. 9, 2008)

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